10 Reasons to Choose Cloud9World

1. SEL

Cloud9World’s programs are driven by beliefs and values and result in social-emotional learning impact that results in lasting greater overall mental wellness.

2. Literacy

Provide additional literacy practice in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in cross curriculum activities help students improve vocabulary, general comprehension, and research skills.

3. Climate

Build a cohesive understanding of SEL. Cloud9World is a climate transformation agent in every implementing classroom and school.

4. Family & Community Engagement

Parents with communities become part of SEL implementation with access to tools they can use to reinforce skills at home and in community settings.

5. Student Engagement

Engaging activities and interactive support pieces (flash cards, sequencing cards, digital games, printable activities, puzzles, etc.) reinforce social-emotional skill applications at school and at home.

6. Cultural Diversity

Specific story settings introduce characters, customs, and cultural values that provide an excellent view of the world without having to take a physical field trip to those locations.

7. eLearning Platform

The Cloud9World ePlatform includes a student-staff friendly interface and houses several versions of digital books, curriculum, assessments, videos, games, interactive teacher tools, intervention tools, and more. Staff, student, and parent logins are available.

8. Professional Learning Options

Digital and in person professional learning opportunities include topics such as: trauma-sensitive classroom strategies, teaching self-regulation, mental health, character strength reinforcement practices, modeling growth mindset, improving student motivation, promoting resiliency with students, teaching & practicing mindfulness, and more.

9. Battery of Assessments

A variety of digital assessments, including a universal screen and monthly strength quizzes, determine specific student needs and measure understanding and application of content.

10. Program Flexibility & Customization Options

Cloud9World materials are non-scripted, provide choice, and allow for customization for any classroom. All lesson plans contain a wide variety of activities that can easily be differentiated or modified as needed for students with special needs or to fit time constraints.

Prepare your students to be positive contributors in their homes, schools, and communities by providing them with character strength understanding, development and practice with characters they will adore and embrace.